How to Create a Breakthrough Brand

McDonald’s is a great example of a Breakthrough Brand that has maintained its popularity by sticking to the formula.

3 Keys to Breakthrough Branding:

The 3 keys to breakthrough branding are the foundation of establishing a brand today.

The 3 keys to Breakthrough Branding are… Category, Conversations and Closure.

Think one of a kind category, inclusive conversations, and exclusive closure to help remember the unique formula for building a successful brand through these keys.

Breakthrough Branding helps customers find you faster!

#1 Key: Break Free!

Break free of the clutter.

You must describe a clear, distinct and unique CATEGORY of business that you have confidence you can excel in.

You have to name what you do with a clear, easy-to-understand plain English category description. For instance, Concentrated Orange Juice. Rapid Response IT. Brand CEO. Grief Coach Training. Health Tribe Forum.

Create a one-of-a-kind category!

#2 Key: Break In!

Break into conversations.

Develop brand identity and differences in ways that are distinct, clear and creative, causing CONVERSATIONS about you.

Describe what you do with an emotionally evocative ‘recipe for success’ that begs to be repeated. This includes either what you do or how you do what you do that’s new, different, or noteworthy.

Your concentrate includes your unique innovations that make your specific brand more useful, more interesting, more engaging and ultimately, more effective than anything else in the marketplace, as well as your brand name and brand mark.

Develop inclusive conversations!

#3 Key: Break Through!

Break through into profits.

People want to buy from you. You need to tell them how. People want you to provide an easy access point for doing business with you. Providing CLOSURE to your sales process is a relief to your prospective customers.

Closures are your unforgettable and intimate invitation-only events for selected guests. To increase your rate of success, make your closures select and limited!

Your closure presents a precise offer to sell a specific bundle of your goods or services at a certain price.

Offer exclusive closure opportunities!

Want to create a breakthrough brand?

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Focus on tightening your business concept—your category must be unique and well-defined.
  • Developing a clear and concise written set of statements around mission, values, vision and purpose is a great demonstration of this—as well as a rallying point for partners, employees and associates.
  • A true brand mark is as vital as are colors that continue your brand promise. Get it done professionally.
  • Don’t ignore the obvious—networking groups and people you know—but don’t stop there—reach out and continue to reach. Business organizations and others who are brand building can help spread the word—and support your actions as you grow.
  • Learning it all from scratch on your own is the hard—and long way. Get help!


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