How the Architectonic Economy Actually Works, REVIEW, “How to Work with Teams” Shows With ‘Friends’.

A new book by Nourish Press aptly shows how Architectonics works, in a practical demonstration of Human Resources applications.

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The book starts with an introduction by the authors examining desire to reach out, connecting community: and multiple ones. The authors clearly show how they have taken the time and gone deep into their subject, then sensibly condense the material and tell how the PEAK system works with a light touch. The technique of illustrating to the reader through well-known characters from the television show Friends, aptly demonstrates quadrant technology. Fortunately, author Terry Gale has taken the time to give a ‘Reader’s Digest‘ version of scenes and setups for the various character’s dramatic, sometimes humorous scenes and situations with each other, so whether you’re a fan of the show or not, the writers get the points across. You will get the point(s) easily.

Going further than most books in the area, How to Work with Teams The PEAK System + You backs up it’s words with action, bordering on the ludicrous the value the book demonstrates: ($10 US Amazon US, about $13 CDN Amazon CA, about £7.80 Amazon UK, in Australia for about $12 AUS for the ebook). An interactive tool is provided with the book as well, which is free to share (listed below in this article). Its link and inclusion with the book, as well as the opportunity to obtain certifications in its PEAK process, exceeds the value of other offers presently at Amazon. Tools like the PEAK Explorer, developed in fine detail with condensed, in-depth tables and tutorials, and short stories aptly demonstrate the entire system in pithy detail. The body of the book is under 60 pages and the book’s entirety with bonuses and credits is under a 100 pages. Nor does it skimp on illustrations. The sweet cartoons by Sebastian Zúñiga Rivas illuminate the words, as do diagrams by Bryce Maynard Winter.

Stylish and sly illustrations by Sebastian Zúñiga Riva

A bonus article by etiquette expert Bruce Mayhew, titled How to Write a Proper Email, rounds out this short volume as an essential tool for teams anywhere and anyone who is part of a committee, team or group whether online or off; who doesn’t have time to get a degree in psychology just to create a productive team. The book is usable online or off and you may find yourself applying its leanings to everyday relationships around you, especially online today. Supporting this are numerous offers and opportunities listed by the authors near the back of the book, allowing the enthusiast to dig deeper.

The short length of How to Work with Teams (under 100 pages) makes it digestible in an afternoon. Useful and usable by teams everywhere, it could be be considered required reading for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of Architectonics, the kinetic science for brands, the language of economy [this site]. Whether or not you are interested in the finer points of language, you will receive generous value for your time with this book.

The PEAK System + You of the book’s subtitle is delivered on in How to Work with Teams. In this way the book provides an ideal entry point to Architectonics, as it is based on PERSEUS, a 21st Century organizational technology with foundation similar to PROMETHEUS and other PYTHAGORAS AI technology, all based on founding tenets documented in the Quantum Range Selector Device, present in GENR8 Brain Paper. This Personal Architectonic Data System introduces the fundamental taxonomy of Architectonics, a useful practice cross organizational boundaries as it allies us with fundamental changes in digital existence that until now is misapropriated inefficiency.

By focusing on Human Resources concerns through the lens of a favorite retro TV show in How to Work with Teams opens a gateway to other applications of Architectonics in daily life including development of exciting and fresh IT opportunities like ELEV8R not least in our own immediate application, in everyday life, online or off!

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