How the Architectonic Economy Actually Works, REVIEW, “How to Work with Teams” Shows With ‘Friends’.

The authors clearly show how they have taken the time and gone deep into their subject, then sensibly condense the material and tell how the PEAK system works with a light touch. The technique of illustrating to the reader through well-known characters from the television show Friends, aptly demonstrates quadrant technology.

Building Brand You!

Systematic methods of branding YOU! The benefits of having a good system in general are pretty well understood: 1) Having a good system in place ensures all the steps and different aspects of a need, challenge or problem are taken into account. 2) A good system will produce faster, more efficient, and often more effective results than... Continue Reading →

7 secrets to branding anything, anytime, anywhere

There are just seven archetypes, which cover over 96% of all successful branding efforts (global research 2011).

Each type of brand functions distinctly on a psychological level, not to mention on social, aspirational and unconscious levels.

Fundamentally, each type may be narrowed down to a description of what response the brand provides on emotional level to some sort of 'unasked question' posed (possibly unconsciously) by the consumer. The brand returns with a 'unspoken promise', without which, there is zero satisfaction available.

Following, we are publishing for the first time ever the seven brand types complete with unasked questions and unspoken promises which MUST be returned to create a successful branding experience.

Brand Bites by Bryce: the 3 Second Elevator Pitch

Brand Bites by Bryce Simple Language: Naming Your Category, Know When to Brand. Introduction by Terry Gale, Story Director in interview with Bryce Winter, Creative Director. Discovered in conversations with members tonight:

The Practical Life Balance Company
The Virtual Business Services Company

Brand Story Tonight: The Human Matrix

Recent stats indicate that a personal recommendation is a higher predictor of purchasing behavior than all advertising, marketing, in-store presentation, packaging, presentation and demonstration COMBINED...

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