To millions of people the sight of a little box like the one above excites all kinds of anticipatory emotions, thoughts and feelings. Why?

Tiffany Turquoise [hexcode 7bf2da] is one of the most superfluous, luxurious and beautiful colors ever. Superfluous, did I say? Not true, of course! Red can substitute and may be a great foil, but this shade is exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to commanding presence and mood. Truth.

Clean, Classic and New

Clean, classic and new, with it’s combination of richness blanketed with antiseptic cleanliness and possibility, Tiffany Turquoise manages to connote both sturdy and new, classic and up-to-the-minute, as it were.

From a color theory perspective, Tiffany Turquoise is an infinite color of truth plus possibility, even courage. Truth is represented, especially the courage to speak truth.

Lying across from Red on a correctly calibrated color wheel, Tiffany Turquoise is appropriately used in branding to connote with Archetype VI, the Timeless Palace brand (think Rolls-Royce, Apple or Coke), picture an Immortal Queen in her abode.

Palace structure with TIffany turquoise banners hanging across an elaborate porte cochère
Palace structure with TIffany turquoise banners hanging across an elaborate porte cochère

Honestly, this is one of the most underused colors in branding. Besides Tiffany, very few visible brands have attempted turquoise. There, I said it again, turquoise. Although many people call this blue or some shade of it with some green added, from a more technical perspective this color is past blue to me. Color is something that is produced through perception using a mechanical process in the eye. Your eye may call this any color you like, we call this turquoise.

We may not find out if there is a better way than Apple until there is an alternative Palace Brand competitor in electronics. Strategically, this competitor (if any) would likely use the Palace alternative color set and choose Tiffany Turquoise as their color library to differentiate themselves from market leader Apple.

To learn more about the use of colors in branding and Tiffany Turquoise in particular, look forward to the Amazon release of Signs & Symbols of Success, How to Brand Anything by Bryce Maynard Winter, coming soon!