BRAND MARK, Architectonic Answer to Brand Design

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Are you ready to put YOUR BRAND (and your brand message) FIRST?

The market and its mechanisms are changing faster than ever today.

The Architectonic systemized approach to Brand Mark design has over 20 years of research and development behind it, plus over 30 years of design experience in a wide variety of media including static, animated, print and illuminated media.

The Brand Mark brand design system registers and harmonizes color, forms and message into a singular attractive and memorable harmonic entity.

Architectonic BRAND MARKS are crisp, stand apart from the competition and evoke their purpose. From left to right: BRAND MARKS for Linus 7 Beef Cattle Financial Management Software, Nourish Publishing, Pro-Active IT and the MARKBRAND BRAND MARK itself. All are original designs developed for our clients. Notice how each of these BRAND MARKS stands out clearly from other marks, and is immediately unique and distinctive both in large size and in the tiny format allowed for browser tabs; a minuscule piece of screen real estate that every BRAND MARK must compete in today. How does your BRAND MARK stack up with those illustrated here?

The scientifically-informed Architectonic creative process guarantees exceptional immediate and long-term results for your global product, service or community brand messages. The Brand Marks above have stood the test of time for an average of ten years or more, and are as fresh today as the day they were designed.

There are no exceptions. A detailed research study of the S&P 500 from over a decade ago showed that companies with a brand identity had over a 30% higher rate of return (versus generic-identified companies). Today, with the rise of consolidated media brands this figure would be even higher.

With more and more variety and choice it becomes harder and harder for purchasers to have ‘perfect information’. People don’t have the time or mental space to do the research so they let their impressions decide. 

Strong Architectonic BRAND MARK identities like these ones we developed for Linus7 and Pro-Active IT provide excellent anchors for great websites and powerful and competitive brand propositions.

Why is your BRAND MARK so important?

People buy for a wide variety of reasons but one thing is common: people buy for emotional reasons. Interestingly, this includes so-called ‘staple’ products, like basic tools and supplies that are necessary like food, nuts and bolts.

Don’t make these mistakes!

Can you spot the errors in the photo collage? Many brands don’t have copacetic BRAND MARKS: From left to right, common mistakes displayed by Richie Bros. Auctioneers (lewd gesture); LMI Technologies (confusing and too-literal interpretation of 3D technology looks dated and ages this tech company); Symvivo (does this company produce explosives or telecommunications? Neither.); Arista (hard to see on background, opaque message); Medipure Pharmaceuticals (Is company thinking ‘in a box’?).

There have never been more choices over the type of procurement and range of solutions available. Today’s industrial and consumer purchasers face a bewildering array of options. While price is clearly a factor, can you or anyone honestly say the cheapest product is always bought? Clearly not. Branding differentiates non-price factors into a visual shorthand.

Today, your essential message is compressed, condensed and codified into iconographic terms. Our Architectonic Brand Design Process will help you develop, establish and place a high quality global Brand Mark that stands the test of time—and most importantly—provides clear delineation and emotional resonance with your market(s).

There is no product or service that can’t be condensed into icon format with Architectonics. If your business has international or even regional (niche) aspirations this icon or Brand Mark that is visible in your browser window’s tabs across the top of your screen, on APP icons on your smartphone or tablet and in product packaging and service delivery moments becomes a safety mark for your customers. Every time your brand is exposed, your Brand Mark acts as a steady ambassador representing your brand’s promise.

Essential Questions To Ask Yourself:

1. Is your BRAND MARK Iconic?

ICONIC BRAND MARKS are absolutely unique brands that people have pride in!

2. Is your BRAND MARK Magnetic?

MAGNETIC BRAND MARKS are ‘sticky’. They have a resonant and unforgettable visual quality that is quickly and automatically summarized by the viewer into visceral terms!

3. Is your BRAND MARK On-Trend?

ON-TREND BRAND MARKS shine a light on the path forward. They act like beacons to purchasers reinforcing an emotion and image that your brand is a future-looking market leader. They translate in any scale look great on the latest tech!

The MARKBRAND process will ensure your BRAND MARK is something:

  1. ICONIC: Your company and customers will be proud of it.
  2. MAGNETIC: Your message and marketing will be magnetic and stick in the mind.
  3. ON-TREND: Your brand will shine a light ahead and be seen as a market leader.

Growth, Image, Certainty: What’s Next?

  • Plan your brand’s history with proactive brand planning today. Get in touch with us today.

What is the story you want people to tell about your brand?

Get a free, half hour consultation with Brand Architect and lead designer Bryce Winter and find out if the MARKBRAND process is right for your company and your brand. Call or text six oh four, five six one, nine seven six eight.

Who is Bryce Winter?

Bryce Winter is a Brand Architect. As the prior Design Director of Vancouver’s most storied retail brand management company and nationwide event producer for Benson & Hedges and author of books on business, branding and systems, Bryce is happy today to bring both his Nourish Publishing (publisher and manufacturer of Brain Paper notebook systems) and MarkBrand Architectonics Brand Mark design services together here.

Bryce creates a safe space for the coalescence of ideas, creativity + market experience in industry, retail, business, not-for-profit and government team building and branding exercises.

  • In one example Bryce facilitated five unrelated government ministries rolling out a new workplace wellness system to increase 5,000 government employees’ engagement levels by double digit levels in under six months. 
  • At other times he facilitated in the early mega success of MEC, as well as being an exclusive marketing supplier simultaneously to Aveda, Virgin Records, Timberland + CHANEL in the Vancouver area.
  • Later he directed national scale programs with Benson & Hedges as well as largest-ever Canadian events for Evian, Iceberg Vodka and TD Canada Trust, in greater Toronto.

What can Bryce Winter and the Architectonic branding system bring to your brand? Find out now.

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