How is YOUR Brand Distinct? Easy-To-Understand Pathways to Brand Success

FOUR Easy-To-Understand Pathways to Brand Success As I write to you today from Edmonton, Canada, it is 27 degrees (that's 81 F) and the little ICE CREAM NOVELTIES truck is driving by our house, playing the distinctive 'ice cream' melody. Obeying some unknown mechansim, I react as if to the PIED PIPER of old, and... Continue Reading →

The Secret to How Brand Popularity REALLY Works (Special to GREEN BRAND Series).

Today’s topic, how does brand popularity truly work, and what does a GREEN BRAND have to do to deliver on its inherent promise of popularity? What GREEN BRANDS have to do to make it: If you’re like me, you’ve seen one too many earnest, eager young entrepreneurs fall flat on their face failing to successfully... Continue Reading →

Building Brand You!

Systematic methods of branding YOU! The benefits of having a good system in general are pretty well understood: 1) Having a good system in place ensures all the steps and different aspects of a need, challenge or problem are taken into account. 2) A good system will produce faster, more efficient, and often more effective results than... Continue Reading →

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