How is YOUR Brand Distinct? Easy-To-Understand Pathways to Brand Success

FOUR Easy-To-Understand Pathways to Brand Success

As I write to you today from Edmonton, Canada, it is 27 degrees (that’s 81 F) and the little ICE CREAM NOVELTIES truck is driving by our house, playing the distinctive ‘ice cream’ melody. Obeying some unknown mechansim, I react as if to the PIED PIPER of old, and run from the house. Others are obeying the siren’s call as well, and I snap this picture:


It reminds me that some things never change–even in today’s sophisticated (and crowded) marketplace. No matter who narrowly defined your “niche” (or category) of business, there are others (competitors) ITCHING for the business that you also crave, with the very same prospects.

Why should prospective customers choose you (or your brand)?


How you identify yourself (compared to your competition) helps others (customers!) ‘get’ what you’re about faster, plus helps the RIGHT customers identify with you (and only you)! 

  1. PROCESS–Your primay brand distinction is HOW you do things DIFFERENTLY–Ikea’s model of showroom/warehouse/home-assembly is a great example.
  2. OUTCOME–Your big brand difference is WHAT comes DIFFERENTLY–Krispy Kreme donuts had a distinctly ‘light as air’ quality that everyone noticed.
  3. EXPERIENCE–Your key differentiator is the QUALITY that is DIFFERENT in the EXPERIENCE–Lexus positions itself as ‘the relentless pursuit of perfection’ and follows through with over-the-top customer service.
  4. BIG WHY–You main distinction is the MOTIVE of your product/service–Girl Guide cookies are perenially popular, not only because the cookies are great (they’re fine), but really because many people relate with helping out little girls.

So which one is my little ice cream truck leading with, and why?

What makes your brand distinct?

And please…DON’T start telling me about your great service–or your low, low prices! 🙂

  • Your brand most likely has several distinction that make it a little–or a lot–different from your competition.
  • Can you identify which is your PRIMARY PATHWAY to BRAND DISTINCTION?
I’d love to hear from you!


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