The GENR8 Taxon: Seeing In Four Dimensions

While the ability to see in four dimensions may sound like a recipe for one of Rube Goldberg’s delightful devices, the taxonomy behind GENR8 Technology Group’s powers its upcoming ELEV8R Active Interface, real-life science fiction, instead!

Fun Dashboards & The Car Of The Future (part 2)

It is fascinating to notice and delight in the enormous variety of dashboards (and the cars they appear in), but what is truly and ultimately most astounding is that all of the cars in both this article and Part 1 can be driven after a few minutes familiarization by anyone who has passed a driver's test. Think of it: cars spanning production from 1939 to the present day--almost eighty years, can all be piloted safely, and similarly within a few minutes by any modern driver. How is that possible?

Fun Dashboards & The Car Of The Future

The interior cockpit resembles something Barbarella might have piloted, and got away with. Except that it is every bit as sharply styled and rectilinear in every possible way imaginable, as is the exterior. Love it. (U choose.) Digital screens form the dashboard display, which is highly graphical and bright. Interestingly the steering wheel is of the one-spoke variety...

What Is Taxonomy & Why Should You Care?

Taxonomy is simply categorization: our purpose in categorization is the same as in physical filing: to permit easy access (in and out) at a later time or date. Today we have become increasingly dependent on search to find things. Unfortunately, this is analogous to throwing all your socks in a drawer tumbled straight out of the... Continue Reading →

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