7 secrets to branding anything, anytime, anywhere

There are just seven archetypes, which cover over 96% of all successful branding efforts (global research 2011). Each type of brand functions distinctly on a psychological level, not to mention on social, aspirational and unconscious levels. Fundamentally, each type may be narrowed down to a description of what response the brand provides on emotional level to some sort of 'unasked question' posed (possibly unconsciously) by the consumer. The brand returns with a 'unspoken promise', without which, there is zero satisfaction available. Following, we are publishing for the first time ever the seven brand types complete with unasked questions and unspoken promises which MUST be returned to create a successful branding experience.

Successful Branding Prerequisites (3 Success Principles)

Successful Branding Prerequisites What's need to be a successful 'brander'? (Can't wait to find out? Check out the 3 Success Principles in this post!) Successful branding requires an almost dogmatic and zealous commitment to certain principles which may challenge conventional SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) wisdom, and therefore might be (for some) a challenge to adopt.... Continue Reading →

Paradox of Branding: How To Use What We Don’t Understand?

Access is the final hurdle to effective branding. Obviously, as a society we are first made blind to the potent effects of branding—and how its mechanics function, and then ‘forbidden’ to communicate about it (for it is through language and education we normally gain access to intelligence). We require some source, preferably impartial, which might illuminate us. Unfortunately, there is very little to assist us. Other than a handful of books on the topic (notably several by Al and Laura Ries) there is far more disinformation than useful or fulfilling information on the topic. The closest most people ever get to a local access of understanding is through an advertising or branding agency, which is typically so in favor of media (advertising) that little true understanding is able to seep through to the interested (or impartial) observer.

What is a Brand? Why Market Branding?

What is a brand? A brand is a conversation—a very powerful and special form of conversation: Defines your category, or niche Expresses your individuality in the marketplace Fulfills on a promise, with a personality Attracts your ideal customer Asserts a unique and vital solution Rallying point for conversations and connections The creation of transformative success and personal freedom Context for commercial success and personal freedom.

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