Successful Branding Prerequisites (3 Success Principles)

Successful Branding Prerequisites

What’s need to be a successful ‘brander’? (Can’t wait to find out? Check out the 3 Success Principles in this post!)

Successful branding requires an almost dogmatic and zealous commitment to certain principles which may challenge conventional SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) wisdom, and therefore might be (for some) a challenge to adopt.

In reality, the real underlying attitude of many SME owners (and managers) is ‘Change Sucks’. Therefore, they are loath to let go of servitude to old attitudes which are guaranteed to produce small (i.e. Marketing-only) results.

CEO Coach proffers 3 success principles:


  1. Always be learning–you (and your brand) grow as you learn–shrink as you fall back on ‘tried and true’
  2. Always be testing (maintain a scientific attitude)–test, test, and re-test your results using numbers, figures and facts
  3. Always be willing. All the knowledge in the world doesn’t do a thing if you’re not willing to put it to the test by CHANGING. (You can always change back later!)

While at first these three points may seem obvious–even simplistic, and possibly even easy to implement; very few organizations are ever able to maintain all three of these at once. Maybe this is why we feel Personal Development is one key to becoming a successful Brand CEO. Without the requisite PD brand owners are literally unable to reap the (substantial) rewards available through successful branding initiatives. (See Frequently Asked Questions for more on this point).

In point of fact, true reality is ‘Change Rules!’, (since change is absolutely inevitable!); therefore embracing these three tenets of successful branding is not only generally logical, but the only way to ensure long-term success in a rapidly changing marketplace.

However, it is wise, prior to proceeding further with the market branding process to really look closely at surface as well as underlying attitudes throughout the senior levels. Without buy-in to these three principles market branding may not (and in our experience, will not) succeed. With these three guiding success principles in place, success is inevitable!

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