How to Brand Anything: Appealing to the Collective Unconscious & Beyond

The How to Brand Anything Offer Elevator provides a new access to thoughts, ideas, projects, talent and teamwork: it provides leverage beyond reason by appealing to the unconscious within each one of us, and so taps into the popular gestalt.

Brands Connect in 3D

The minute product development stops, signals the death knell of living brands. This is why product evolution is intrinsic in our change-focused culture. Therefore, instead of product consistency, brands must strive for experience consistency. Connect in the real-world to find out what your experience--and consistency, is really like.

15 Days of Secrets Signs & Symbols of Success. 15 Branding for Profit

Did you know that BRANDED companies in the S&P 500 earn 30% more than unbranded or commodity companies? This is true consistently. Branding is one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS to grow profits. Pictured above are a few of the brands we have worked with. thought processes through hundreds of professional relationships.

Here is what you have to know. We are all ‘programmed’ with some pretty basic story-telling stuff from early one. We learn about the hero and our villain. We learn about the damsel and the knight. All of this information (and we each likely contain giga-quads of it by an early age) is actually pretty consistent from person to person and even across cultures.<

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