Brands Connect in 3D

Brands Must Connect In Reality

Brands must connect, first and foremost within a context. After all is said and done, it is three-dimensional real-world actions brands are after so that is our only deliverable.

The minute product development stops, signals the death knell of living brands. This is why product evolution is intrinsic in our change-focused culture. Therefore, instead of product consistency, brands must strive for experience consistency.

The Matriarchy of Brands is a natural extension to known brand nomenclature, for instance, House Brands, Bridge Brand. Our Matriarchy of Brands widens the gap in awareness that is extant in other volumes on branding, explaining why, for instance, google and facebook have very differing strategies.

So too, forever brands, like Railtown Cafe, must strive for consistency above else. The key, forever, is to see consistency from client’s perspectives, not your own! One effective method of doing this is in tracking outliers in their behavior with your brand and querying their experiences using experiential and stochastic data to approximate “boundaries” or “edges” of brand experience that real people have had with you or your brand.

In other words, the best way of checking how you are “being” is to do what you do and then check in with others, not listening to them through our experiential lens, but carefully; through theirs. Do not limit yourself to electronic communications in soliciting such inputs. Through such intentional listening, often through outsiders, you forward the conversation.

The first book in our foundation series of new economy books and transcriptions available in the Scents of Success Series, Signs & Symbols of Success is nothing less than a complete primer on branding providing a total survey of the branding landscape including, for the first time ever, the complete Matriarchy of Brands complete with all seven unspoken promises, in a colorful, luxuriously sized book of natural proportion with side essays for ease of understanding, generous margins, quiz questions and full-color original illustrations! ORDER ON AMAZON

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