Bryce Winter

Bryce Maynard Winter

Author, Consultant, Key Artist, Brand Designer and Brand Architect

Brand Engagement Specialist

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Bryce Winter has worked in the field of branding since the 1990s. In addition to working extensively with luminary global brands like CHANEL, CP Rail, Virgin and major record labels, Bryce’s hands-on creative approach met with success while developing a large number of live events targeting audiences from a few hundred to up to one million participants at some of Canada’s largest events, nightclubs and venues.

While working as a branding consultant for many years, coaching has also been a mainstay of Bryce’s team approach to brand development. Learning the most powerful questions to ask while keeping a steady focus on others’ needs, perceptions and perspectives and promoting project deliverables and follow-through has been a focus. Bryce trained, coached and consulted with dozens of authors, coaches and professionals in a variety of coaching certification organizations including the Grief Coach Academy and ActionCoach.

Bryce has conducted many marketing and sales seminars and workshops for major retail landlords including Manulife Financial, Cadillac Fairview and others, while leading exceptional service creativity with Western Canada’s largest retail display, merchandising and retail branding company. Experience in the 2000s included influential work with government, non-profits and a wide variety of start-up ventures. One of his initiatives became the Alberta Public Service values statement, guiding 30,000 provincial public service employees to this day, while others have had a deeper impact on a local scale including with a wide variety of business initiatives as well as not-for-profit sports, arts and cultural organizations.

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Community Engagement Specialist

PASSIONATE about moments, events: design, interfaces, brands and relationships between people and each other.

Following is a portfolio to links of a few recent works-in-progress:

MONDEX8 Biomimetic Artificial Intelligence, Branding, Currency
Nourish Publishing The Nourish Form Company
The Elevator Pilot An Auto Biography
Updated: 2020-08-20

As a Presenter

Bryce’s approach to finding your brand is discussed by participants following a Keys To Effortless Marketing workshop in San Diego:

Additional skills & experience

  1. Experiential Event Specialist extraordinaire: experienced in all aspects of event production.
  2. 33 years experience working with IT framework: all player aspects.
  3. Personable, enthusiastic and warm.
  4. 20+ years developing and launching sumptuous live events including product and brand launches, fund-raisers and corporate rewards.
  5. 10+ years Visuals Director luxury, fashion and specialty retail.
  6. Diverse communicator with extensive experience in planning and delivery of presentations and events.
  7. A team player, and a brand champion extraordinaire.
  8. Certificates in color theory, sales, marketing, IT and communications.



Links to GORGEOUS PICTURES follow:Fund-Raiser Design and Production CANFAR
Shopping Mall Displays Props & Large-Scale Installations VARIOUS
Retail Brand Launches TD CANADA TRUST
Stellar Corporate Events, FASHION CARES
Award-winning Visual Coordinator Retail Stores CHANEL, plus OTHERS

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