Collaborative Sales Model Backbone For Business

X8 is short for QUFARIED, the Quadralinear Universal Fuzzy-logic Architectonic Rapid Input Ergonomic Database. X8 changes the game forever for all participants as it provides a stable automatic process-modelling structure for their business or brand. A chief advantage of X8 is that it limits the number of variables you need to track in business--and it accords them order. Over time, this builds effective and stable corporate meta-systems--whether used by just one, or by an entire enterprise--the meta-system follows a common process model structure founded on the naturally occurring language syntax of homo sapiens; that is to say four-part grammar.

Brand Bites by Bryce: the 3 Second Elevator Pitch

Brand Bites by Bryce Simple Language: Naming Your Category, Know When to Brand. Introduction by Terry Gale, Story Director in interview with Bryce Winter, Creative Director. Discovered in conversations with members tonight: The Practical Life Balance Company The Virtual Business Services Company

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