Brand Bites by Bryce: 7 Secrets to Branding

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Rapunzel Image by Johnny Gruelle
What does the story of Rapunzel have to do with today’s brands, like Starbucks?

If you’re a coach, consultant, author, speaker, small medium size business owner, or simply want to make the most of your time, talents and tendencies, you won’t want to miss out on this fun, energetic call!

This is part 1 of a 2-part series on the 7 secrets of branding.
Together, you will be learning:

* What is a brand
* How to compete in a field of look-alike services
* What Starbucks can teach us about popularity
* Learn how Coke screwed up–so you don’t have to
* Why you don’t need to make up your brand story–just identify it

You will also learn…

* The 3 keys to creating a breakthrough brand
* What gender has to do with branding (how sex REALLY sells!)
* How to turn your business into a residual income stream
* How to keep your business running even when you’re in away

… and much, much more!

You’re listening to Bryce Winter, Creative Director and Founder
of The MarkBrand Group, the breakthrough branding company from Edmonton, Canada. I’ve worked with diverse brands (Evian, Chanel, & Virgin) as well as with over 200 independent retailers who have provided me some amazing branding insights and intuition.

And Terry Gale, Founder of VisioNotion and MarkBrand Story Director.
I’m talking tonight with a lifelong entrepreneur who has applied himself to helping create business breakthroughs for over 25 years and Bryce has set record engagement results with branded corporate events from coast to coast.

Our Intention is to demonstrate why everyone needs a brand—indeed why in fact you already have one—and that through raising your awareness of this—you will be more able to have a breakthrough with your brand.

Every aspect of creating a brand today involves the 3 keys to creating a breakthrough brand—that includes the 7 secrets to branding—so let’s review those 3 keys for our listeners:
3 keys to building a breakthrough brand.

1.    Category. You have to name what you do with a clear, easy-to-understand plain English category description. For instance, Rapid Response IT. Breakthrough Branding, Concentrated Orange Juice. Grief Coaching.

Your Category is your Secret Sauce. Only you can be number one in your category.

If you have global ambitions, then you need a global quality category. Legal Services doesn’t cut it. Prep-Paid Legal Services stands out. You must be able to describe your category in two or three words at most.

2.    Concentrate. You have to name and describe what you do with an emotionally evocative ‘recipe for success’. The title of your recipe is your brand name. This is generally a catchy, easy to pronounce word or set of words. For example, Coca-Cola. Old South, MarkBrand Group, Grief Coach Academy.

Your concentrate also includes all other emotional responders, including color and logo (combined, the brand mark) as well as logical arguments, package claims, as well as the way you do business, such as persistent patterns, for instance trade agreements, representation and geographic locations.

For instance…, [the PEACE method, or the 3 KEYS TO BREAKTHROUGH BRANDING]

Your concentrate includes your unique innovations that make your specific brand
more useful, more interesting, more engaging, ultimately more effective than anything else in the marketplace!

3.    Conversations. You have to have people talking about you through contagious conversations via member/group networks (for instance all the people who work with you/for you/even indirectly, media, networks and social media networking.

If they’re not talking about you—you’re just not a brand—it’s really as simple as that.

Summary of the 7 Secrets (listen to the audio for the full explanation):
1.    A brand is a story. Period.
2.    The story exists in the minds of customers, not brand owners.
3.     You didn’t invent the story—and neither did your customers.
4.    Stick to the story. “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”
5.    Believe in the story.
6.    The stories are fairy tales (true lies).
7.    There are only seven key stories.

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