7 Secrets to Branding Anything

Branding really is more science than art…

(But sssshh, don’t tell anyone!)

advertising employs branding to pull at your heart strings

Brands pull at predictable heart strings to turn purchasing decisions into statistically probable
(and predictable) events, including purchases.

Truth is, branding is all about turning emotional needs into predictable purchasing behavior. Love it or hate it, it works!

Learn the 7 Secrets To Branding to bring global brand success.

Where do you want to go with your brand?

Until now, the science of branding was kept a secret…

Companies like Procter & Gamble, Scott Paper, and Pepsico own scores of household brands you purchase every day.

Is it any surprise they’re not eager to share how they keep you as a captive consumer?

Wouldn’t you like to know:
how do they do it?

Our brains are like amazing mini categorizing-machines constantly wiring up preferences to selections!

The thing is (contrary to common misconception)..

..our brains don’t arrive empty!

Our brains are already stuffed full of words, images and preconceived ideas connected to powerful emotional triggers.

The science of branding understands that the heart is connected to the head through language (word-memory).

  1. Every category has a word attached to it.
  2. Every word has an emotion glued to it.
  3. Every emotion has predictable triggers, like a switch.

Is it time to throw the switch for your brand?

Are you ready for predictable brand success?

Breakthrough Branding is a process of achieving predictable global market success for unique products or services.

It’s highly systematic and follows a predictable success formula.

Time to Switch it ON!

Are you ready to have a breakthrough
that produces predictable success?

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