15 Days of Secrets Signs & Symbols of Success. 15 Branding for Profit

Did you know that BRANDED companies in the S&P 500 earn 30% more than unbranded or commodity companies? This is true consistently. Branding is one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS to grow profits. Pictured above are a few of the brands we have worked with.

“Now what?” you may be thinking. How can I begin to learn how to do more business with this stuff?

In the related articles you will find 14 nuggets including 7 Secrets to Branding Anything and the complete Matriarchy of Brands.

If you are ready to put things together, buy the book and find…

  • What I learned about branding from selling CIGARETTES
  • Why Coke and Pepsi are rivals, NOT competitors
  • How brands REALLY work in practice
  • What is Brand Identification and
  • What is Emotional Gap

It is my hope you will learn how to develop and use ever-more productive strategies with

  • Product Strategy
  • Relationships
  • Advertising
  • Licensing
  • Staffing
  • Pricing
  • Sales

Use this book to focus and market your product or service through your brand, providing real value and connection with your stakeholders, partners, employees and customers. This is the real reason for branding and used in this way you will be successful.


The dynamic architecture that is architectonics first helped detect all seven of the fundamental brand types, described in The Matriarchy of Brands.

The Matriarchy of Brands

Here, in a natural order for learning, are the seven members of the Matriarchy of Brands with their primary descriptive elements.

  1. The Reliable House Brand
  2. The Popular Tower Brand
  3. The Connection Bridge Brand
  4. The Choice Hotel Brand
  5. The Safe Castle Brand
  6. The Forever Palace Brand
  7. The Together Theater Brand

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The second edition of my Branding Manual, Signs & Symbols of Success, is now available! The ideal classroom compendium and lecture starting point reveals the startling matrix behind brands that work. This book levels the playing field by spelling out for the first time the previously unwritten, unbiased code of conduct for all successful global brands. Order YOUR Copy of this Indispensable Reference, including The Matriarchy of Brands, today!

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