How to Brand Anything: Appealing to the Collective Unconscious & Beyond

The How to Brand Anything Offer Elevator provides a new access to thoughts, ideas, projects, talent and teamwork: it provides leverage beyond reason by appealing to the unconscious within each one of us, and so taps into the popular gestalt.

The How to Brand Anything Offer Elevator is a revolutionary new guide in developing a roadmap of processes mapped with fundamental psychological steps involved in branding anything. The steps are non-linear, though they do have an order and specific steps that help organize chaos. The central item our Offer Elevator develops and centers on is your Offer.

The development and production of the Offer within the context of its surrounding guide items creates an overall branding effect that is successful across meaningful markers like market impact, loyalty, sales and income.

To find out more about the Offer Elevator and associated products, contact the publisher.

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