Why You Need An Offer

Why you need an offer:

Why you absolutely must have a clear and cohesive offer if you want to succeed in life and in business.

Most people believe that they are doing their best in life, don’t you? But seriously, one only has to view Elon Musk’s accomplishments (and schedule: planned in 5-minute increments from the moment his head lifts off his pillow at 7 am until wee hours). Musk is running two 100-hour work weeks at two different billion-dollar companies he invented plus spending time with family, on life, including exercise and travel. Musk’s offer seems to be: here is my best, what can you do; what do you have to offer?

At best, for the rest of us, life occurs as accidental. Like we are tourists trapped in space, we are unclear how we got here nor do we understand what it takes and how to grapple with shifting one’s existence to a high state.

Having a clear and consistent offer is needed if one wants any kind of satisfaction in return from life. It really is as simple as it sounds. Here is one example. With one’s own brand :{thematic display}

Why you absolutely must have a clear and cogent offer if your brand is to succeed.

Your brand is a centrally fixed way of relating with your world in a way that profits us. By us, I mean. you, me, everybody. By fixed, I mean dynamic yet consistent. Contrary to popular belief, brands are not big hairy monsters out to devour us, any more than you are. Brands consist of consistent sets of offers, internal and throughout residing on a narrative that is congruent throughout. The fact that brands, like anything made by people, are less than perfect is hardly news. But, observing what works and what does not in the world of brands predicts success as well as failures. Success, like the fact the Elon Musk’s Tesla car company is now valued at more than GM or Ford COMBINED, or failure, like Donald Trump’s middle eastern policy.

Inconsistency in the marketplace is dealt with ruthlessly by consumers, even monopolistic entities like utilities may not maintain stranglehold positions for long should they fail to be clear, cogent plus endlessly consistent to maintain long held positions today. Offers that are cogent: clear, consistent and appealing to the senses succeed. Those that are not, don’t for long any longer. This is because the economy is becoming fluid, more and more fluid every day. This means old ways are breaking down, more and more must come from the individual in ways and mean; in negotiating your path successfully in such a way you maintain balance, enhance stature and grow rich as Midas (minus his side-effects).

Even Midas was the ‘victim’, if you use this word, of an Offer. Midas didn’t read the fine print about everything he touched, turning to gold. Midas got greedy and skipped the fine print, as most people do when confronted by another online opt-in. Have you read the Apple or Facebook user agreements? Nor have I! Blinded by their Offers, do you suppose?

Most people do not know or understand how to make great offers.

If offers are so critical to success in business (and they are), why are we confronted when asked to develop our own brand offer(s)? Most of all, I believe because the very mechanism that makes effective offers effective by appealing to both emotion and logic such a reasoned way yet specifically hidden emotionally captivating way that while we encounter offers all the time we have yet to take them as seriously as they deserve and with the full understanding we are working with a mechanism here, people, not just some endlessly questioning bag of poop! There are ways that work as well as ways that work even better. These differences are readily understandable when anyone takes the time to look and understand what is going on with Offers.

Offers present opportunities for people.

Here is a quick route to understanding the mechanics of presenting offers to people:

Making offers must feel natural and easy. If it does not, something is off. It may be the offer, or it may be your presentation. Either way, there are solutions following.

We all know and can probably recall the feeling of getting in front of others when we were not prepared and being put on the spot. It’s not a great feeling; depending on what happens next, you are either scarred for life or Houdini-like, a master of illusions you emerge from the disturbance with a stroke of genius, blinding all present with how you created magic. That is the feeling of a successful offer!

Whether or not you feel like you are scarred, scared or a genius, offers follow a simple pretext that is akin to a card trick. Card tricks, however, can be learned and once you are practiced, can even become easy. So too it is with making offers. There is a special finesse to each and every offer, that once explored provides empty new space for opportunity. Empty new space? Yes!

The fundamental nature of offers is to develop and create opportunities. I have been studying this area for roughly 23 years so far and found the common denominator of successful offers is they ALWAYS develop opportunities around the table. If they do not, when they fail to do so, they inevitably founder and fail. If not the brand, the offer.

Here is the formula, in a nutshell. Offers:

  • Provide SELECTION

So it goes, presentation of the OFFER dramatically stages an OPPORTUNITY for those around the table, providing a moment of experience called SELECTION that provides the opportunity for PERFORMANCE, meaning delivery of goods or services, trading of points or coupons including currency money and credit card payments as well.

Repeated PERFORMANCE creates Preference, which is what every brand is aiming for. Don’t you want an offer, now?

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