Signs & Symbols of Success


Decades of experience gathered at top brands helped inform the extensive background research and 17 years of development behind this revolutionary new book.

Signs & Symbols of Success reveals how to instantly build a brand that has lasting value. Most people either underestimate what branding involves, or find effective branding complex and mysterious; there just seem to be so many intangible and practical factors to consider at once!

This book is the answer. Really three books in one, Signs & Symbols of Success is just the right size to keep handy, is richly illustrated, and printed in full color, with a lovely-to-feel satin-finish cover.


Here in one slim volume, in language that is clear, simple and concise, Bryce Maynard Winter has illustrated the ways and means explaining the workings of the material world that can best be described in one phrase: branding has been decoded.

There is even a remarkable full-color reference chart, that on one page describes the exact code for every one of the globe’s top-100 brands! You will want to remove this extra page to put on your fridge, or have as a reference by your desk. Once you comprehend the simple, elegant system that is behind this book; you will never look at branding the same way again.

There has never been a book like this and this information has never before been available in one place. If you are serious about branding, this is the book for you!

With over forty years of branding experience; Brand Specialist, Efficiency Strategist, Business Author, Physical Coach, ELEV8R Brand Technology Architect Bryce Maynard Winter reveals the secret matrix behind brands that work—and brands that don’t.

This book includes the following richly illustrated and detailed sections:


  • Learn the fundamental 7 brand archetypes that always apply
  • Discover fail-safe winning strategies that work for each brand type
  • Remove the guesswork and understand the best colors and strategies for your brand


  • Discover the 7 essential rules to building a thriving brand
  • Learn the secret ‘kryptonite’ for any brand; including yours
  • Understand what it takes to dominate your marketplace


  • How to avoid mistakes in decisions like mergers & acquisitions
  • What to look for in creating high-value brand propositions
  • Find out how to attract more action just by taking things away

Don’t miss!

Live Events section, focusing on 13 means of developing (and delivering on) Emotional Gap, your key to establishing rapid relatedness and long-term brand viability.

NEW: Second Edition Features!

Now with a specific feature on “Green Branding” that is essential reading for anyone with environmental awareness as part of his or her branding philosophy. This section dispels a significant myth about “green branding”, while it describes and perfectly illustrates through top-100 brand behavior what REAL “green branding” involves. The answer is a surprise to many.

Learn the system that virtually guarantees market success by building on decades of real-life experience with branding at successful companies like CHANEL, Coca-Cola, Evian, Timberland, Virgin and dozens of others; in hundreds of applications.

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Bryce Maynard Winter introduces edge-of-the-industry new thinking on brand theory with numerous examples from his experience working with luminary brands. His proven practical strategies have produced remarkable results with small and large brands, communities and projects; including with the following global companies and brands:

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