The Matriarchy of Brands

Seven Secrets To Branding Anything

The Matriarchy of Brands demands that we solidify our message onto one of the seven architectural brand metaphors available:

  1. The Reliable House Brand
  2. The Popular Tower Brand
  3. The Connection Bridge Brand
  4. The Choice Hotel Brand
  5. The Safe Castle Brand
  6. The Forever Palace Brand
  7. The Together Theater Brand

Ask yourself about your current work: in a world of branding opportunities; which of the SEVEN BRAND TYPES uniquely suits this project?

Are There Really Only Seven Stories?

I know there are far more than seven stories in life. In this book though, we are examining what we know works in brands and specifically what stories are exhibited by successful brands.

The fact that there is an infinite number of story variations is quite beside the point: the total number of fundamental stories exhibited by successful brands is just seven. This means that all successful brands fundamentally employ just one of seven archetypal behaviors in their design.

Does this mean that brand progenitors, say at Coke or Pepsi, sat down one day and said, ‘hmm, I wonder which one of these types of behaviors we will model our brand on? Let’s use number three!’ No, but what it does mean is that through circumstance, luck or wit every one of the globe’s top brands has hit on a successful formula, and uses it pretty much to the exclusion of all other strategies (until, or unless, they fail).

Understand there are hundreds of thousands of brands attempted in startup every year and very, very few ever succeed to the level of regional let alone national or global significance. The ones which do, do so for reasons that might be directly traced to their use (whether unwitting or deliberate) of the seven stories contained in the following section.

As you will see, even with just seven stories in use, there is plenty of room for variety: having a set of guidelines in fact streamlines and improve development of brand criteria, providing for finer overall detailing and more specific offers, copy and product development.

The essential quality, however, is to grasp your brand ‘note’ and become resonant with that note throughout your brand.

Bryce Maynard Winter is a brand technology expert, writer and consultant. He has worked with some of the largest brands in the world. Bryce wrote the indispensable reference Signs & Symbols of Success including The Matriarchy of Brands, the Branding Manual that levels the playing field by spelling out for the first time the unwritten, unbiased code of conduct for all successful top-100 global brands.

His next book, The Elevator Pilot Biomimetic AI + Level 5 Autonomous Driving is coming out Fall 2019. Subscribe to this blog to learn more.

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