Are You Living Up To Your Brand’s Potential?

Simple Branding Test The following Simple Branding Test is designed to expose potential opportunities for development of your brand. The more honest and unbiased the ratings, the greater the probability you may find certain stardust through these three sets of three easy questions. How well does your brand score in the following essential measurements of... Continue Reading →


This situation today is a de facto duopoly. Those who benefit are most fundamentally Apple and Google. This is born out by the stock market and the Interbrand 100, where Apple and Google are respectively the #1 and #2 most valuable brands in the world today.

The fact that both systems work by forcing everyone to purchase software through either the Apple Store or the Play Store and to use the same antiquated interface and decades old data storage system is further evidence of the duopoly.

The (Truly) High Cost of Marketing

Service Cuisine-style control pad of the SampO unimatrix's "GENr8 pilot" employs paired 'hot colors, cool colors' palettes with easy to distinguish and familiar-looking icons using everyday word pairs, to help quickly differentiate relative functions of each one of four distinct, 'universal' steps gets the job done and keeps it done!

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