The (Truly) High Cost of Marketing

The problem with marketing is not the time, trouble or cost of getting it done. The problem begins with completing all that. Once it’s complete, that’s when it begins to need updating! In other words, that’s when the (generally) high cost truly begins. Basically, it tends to go one of two ways. Either the company takes on keeping a truly up-to-the-minute mirror of itself held out to the public (at great ongoing expense with numerous processes teams and so on), or falls short, and misses out on a lot of sales (opportunities). Most companies fall somewhere in-between. Either way, it’s a high cost, if you think about it.

The (truly) high cost of marketing is not getting the job done–it’s keeping it “done”.

Service Cuisine-style control pad of the SampO unimatrix’s “GENr8 pilot” employs paired ‘hot colors, cool colors’ palettes with easy to distinguish and familiar-looking icons using everyday word pairs, to help quickly differentiate relative functions of each one of four distinct, ‘universal’ steps gets the job done and keeps it done!

The problem with marketing is the high cost of keeping it up-to-date.

After all, what is ‘marketing’? Isn’t marketing just the way to get the word out there–communicate what (exactly) you do, to the rest of the world?

In other words, isn’t marketing’s job to…

..rattle them there bushes–without you havin’ to (constantly) rattle ’em yourself?

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