Brand Story Tonight: The Human Matrix

choir of brand masters
Would you rather have just you or a choir of brand masters singing your praises?

Breakthrough Branding Works through 3 Essential Keys:

#1 Key: Break Free! Break free of the clutter.
You must describe a clear, distinct and unique CATEGORY of business that you have confidence you can excel in. Your CATEGORY is like your secret sauce…

#2 Key: Break Out! Break out from the pack.
You must CONCENTRATE brand identity and differences in ways that are clear, and creative including a unique brand mark. Your CONCENTRATE is like your prize-winning recipe…

#3 Key: Break Through! Break through into community.
You must get groups of people talking about your brand through contagious CONVERSATIONS via media, social networks and networking. Your CONVERSATIONS are like your fantastic barbeque parties…
Recent stats indicate that a personal recommendation is a higher predictor of purchasing behavior than all advertising, marketing, in-store presentation, packaging, presentation and demonstration COMBINED.

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