Are You Living Up To Your Brand’s Potential?

Simple Branding Test

The following Simple Branding Test is designed to expose potential opportunities for development of your brand. The more honest and unbiased the ratings, the greater the probability you may find certain stardust through these three sets of three easy questions.

How well does your brand score in the following essential measurements of branding?

Ask yourself what you can get obtain out of this exercise by truly exercising authentic objectivity. Try to see your brand through a stranger’s eyes, or better yet, ask a few strangers! Give yourself 1 point for each of the following areas you honestly feel that brand is a ‘pass’ grade or above.

Merchandise (3 points)

In this set of questions we are asking you to look at all the actual products (goods or services) that are sold by your Brand, including any that you represent. We call this your Merchandise.

  • Consistency: Is the overall and recent trend towards or away from greater consistency with your Brand’s overreaching unspoken promise? Are you getting deeper and wider?
  • Collectivity: How well do your items fit together, does purchase of one encourage purchase of another at the same or next timeline? Do products form ‘collections’?
  • Referability: If someone wants to refer your product to a friend, how likely is the friend to purchase it from you? Is there clear labelling/systems that direct exclusively back to you?

Merchandising (3 points)

When we discuss Merchandising we are referring to the arrangement of your goods and services and both your sales and marketing process to array your Merchandise.

  • Surveyability: Can a prospect grasp the your range at a glance? How easy is it for new people to form a mental map of your offerings? Is there a map: or is it trial and error?
  • Shopability: how easy is it to find and make selection(s)? The easier it is for people to find and buy Merchandise; the more Merchandise people buy. It is a direct equation.
  • Sensuality: How many senses are involved in the experience of your Brand? Can you smell it? How does it feel? Is it pleasurable, easygoing and fun? Does it “feel” great?

Presence (1 point for each, 3 possible points this section)

  • Charismatic: Authenticity with compelling charm that inspires devotion in others. It is the gift of presence. It is being genuine and all that one is; this inevitably gives back to others. The root sound of charisma comes from the same source as the word for charity.
  • Character: Visible history and sense of time continuum. Again, a lot to be said of authenticity. Is there a clear agenda? Does it pass the ‘sniff’ test; that is pass the test of time? Are there reliable, relatable points of history corroborating present events, claims?
  • Community: Who are the community leaders on your speed dial? Is your brand well connected with, through others’? How is your brand regularly or systematically involved with community, either physical, virtual or relational but especially geographical.

How (Well) Did You Score? (up to 9 points possible)

  • 0-3 points you need to get in touch with who or what your brand is before taking action; if you are serious about making money, contact BRYCE
  • 4-6 points you should consider that your brand takes on non-linear growth once you pump it up a bit; you need to know how, contact BRYCE
  • 7-9 points you firing on almost all cylinders, now is the time to capitalize on your success; it takes a diamond to polish a diamond, contact BRYCE

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