Signs & Symbols of Success

Are you ready for success in branding? Signs & Symbols of Success reveals how to build a brand that has lasting value. Most people find branding complex, as there are so many factors to consider. This book is the solution. For the first time in one book, branding has been decoded. The second edition of... Continue Reading →

Are You Living Up To Your Brand’s Potential?

Simple Branding Test The following Simple Branding Test is designed to expose potential opportunities for development of your brand. The more honest and unbiased the ratings, the greater the probability you may find certain stardust through these three sets of three easy questions. How well does your brand score in the following essential measurements of... Continue Reading →

Is Purple Hypnotic, why?? (expert colorways)

Purple is not generally well understood as a brand colorway--this might explain why it is one of the least used colors in branding. However, purple is a powerful communicator that directly focuses unconscious attention on the concept of story-telling.

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