Benefits of Branding



Benefits of branding

Perhaps a reminder of the verifiable impacts of market branding will be of assistance in motivating a close observation of this blog. Market branding offers a number of distinct organizational benefits which reach far beyond marketing alone:

1.     Possibly the first item, of greatest interest to the most individuals is Speed to Market.

·       With effective branding in place the possible speed to market of new products, services or revenue channels is unparalleled. Brands can generate hundreds of millions of transactions literally within days or weeks. It is impossible to reach this critical mass this quickly, any other way.

·       Why is this? Market branding demands a more comprehensive and detailed approach or ‘recipe’, which has the benefits (once formulated) of faster ‘cooking’ that not only ‘feeds more’ but does so sustainably.

2.     Reach. The reach of brands is far beyond what any other methodology can achieve:

·       Market branding IS how the world works—whether in commerce, politics, social causes or virtually any other domain of mass humanity where individual actions are required to effect global change. This is because fundamentally people choose emotionally—then justify rationally.

·       It’s the way the world works—you just don’t (usually) notice it:

  • It’s FAST


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