What is a Brand? Why Market Branding?


What is a Brand? Why Market Branding?

What is a Brand? And why market branding to build brands? A brand is the product of Market Branding (or ‘branding’ in lay terms). Branding is the number one most-utilized ‘big business’ process in developing large-scale efficiencies and monopoly.

One of our goals is to bring the scale of efficiencies of multi-national brands to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Effective branding brings a very high ROI (Return On Investment).

What is a brand?

What is a brand? A brand is a conversation—a very powerful and special form of conversation:

  1. Defines your category, or niche
  2. Expresses your individuality in the marketplace
  3. Fulfills on a promise, with a personality
  4. Attracts your ideal customer
  5. Asserts a unique and vital solution
  6. Rallying point for conversations and connections
  7. The creation of transformative success and personal freedom
  8. Context for commercial success and personal freedom.

Branding is possibly the least-effectively used process of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises); this may be due to the extremely low level of understanding on what is a brand and why market branding can bring magic to organization—and to market.

What is the difference between Marketing, and Branding
(or Market Branding)?



The difference between branding (market branding) and marketing is at some levels subtle, yet both precise and practical:

1.     Marketing is based on turning product distinctions into benefits for the customer.

2.     Market Branding is about developing the gap between various points of view or perspectives on an organization. Market Brands create pivotal and emotionally satisfying stories, or otherwise engaging points of emotional leverage, or reference.

The differences yielded by this distinction produce a distinctly differing outlook. Marketing produces a sales-centric perspective, while branding produces a strategic perspective that is both powerful and highly levered. Why branding? Because it works.


Developing effective access to marketing requires an understanding of product, sales strategy and buying psychology. Developing satisfactory access to branding requires all that, plus a much higher level of thought and analysis. It also requires a significantly greater in-depth understanding of organization both specifically (in the case at hand), and generally (with all kinds of incorporate organizations).

The ROI of branding is so high because it produces extraordinary and powerful synergies which subtly (and not so subtly in the case of certain tactical outcomes) inform organizational behavior across the board. The impact of these strategies, taken together, virtually ensures global success, when taken fully into account and to heart, by the board of directors and the senior management team.

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