Building Brand You!

Systematic methods of branding YOU!

The benefits of having a good system in general are pretty well understood: 1) Having a good system in place ensures all the steps and different aspects of a need, challenge or problem are taken into account. 2) A good system will produce faster, more efficient, and often more effective results than an ad hoc approach.

A good branding system will ensure that:

  • All the angles are taken into account.
  • Efficient (timely & cost-effective) results are produced. 

To date, we know of only one systematic method of market branding which has been developed, which serves neither the major corporate interests, nor the advertising agenda; but rather seeks to chart a middle way that is accessible to the committed SME who seeks to benefit from the powerful market communications technology that is market branding. The MarkBrand Group has been studying and systematically parsing the field of market branding for SMEs since the year 2000.

The Group has developed a number of unique insights and strategies towards understanding how real market branding works—directed primarily to SMEs, but applicable to any organization or group that is committed to growth and change. These include:

  1. How brands work on a macro level ( The Seven Secrets To Branding or How to Brand Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow)
  2. How people work within brands (PEAK Process Roles and the PEAK Solution meta map of 20-questions to enterprise establishment)
  3. How brands work on an enterprise, or system-wide level (X8 technology, and its subsets including QUFARIED (the Quadralinear Universal Fuzzy-logic Architectonic Rapid Input Ergonomic Database).

In addition, the Group conducts itself as a global resource center, providing information and publicly stating its goals, objectives and policies for all who choose to participate.

For a detailed glimpse into how this all works on an personal level, and to obtain immediate insight into your own brand, I encourage you to take the 5-minute self test available through this site.

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