Building Team Productivity With PEAK Self Awareness


Develop additional corporate productivity through personal and team productivity awareness and connection(s).

Why? People are normally less than optimally aware of productive team configurations, as well as which rewards and communication styles work best for every individual.

PEAK Self Awareness training begins with a simple 5 minute quiz and moves into conversations in the workplace about:

  • How we as individiduals make decisions.
  • Why we don’t all do things the same way.
  • Where we look to make decisions (there are several viable perspectives).

Becoming PEAK Self aware is like learning a new language. It can truly inform how you deal with situations—especially with people!

Knowing and understanding PEAK Self can begin right away:

  • Four types describe all facets of anyone’s mental-emotional makeup.
  • We’re all a blend of these four types, yet we predominate in one.
  • The four types interrelate in a specific order and with specific intentions.

Being aware of PEAK Self types in the workplace is an especially valuable exercise:

The four roles, when balanced together create a powerful dynamic with just the right amount of tension to produce brilliant results, fairly easily and predictably. That’s the power of teamwork, which PEAK Self lays out for us.

PEAK SELF is an easy-to-grasp manual technology which allows even relatively inexperienced employees the opportunity to achieve masterful results in human relations. This may have a dramatic impact both on productivity and personal success. Take the test at peakselfanalysis.

Each of the four roles has ‘magical powers’ the other roles do not posess, and which none of the other roles can every fully understand. Yet these ‘magic powers’ are required to achieve breakthrough brand results—i.e. long-term viable success. Why? Because brands, which represent standards, are co-located in conversations. Conversations that do not include a balance of the four types will not succeed on a long-term scale.

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