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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
MarkBrand Gets About Brand Marketing


Q    All I want is a logo and some messaging. Isn’t this my brand?

A     A logo and messaging are certain interim brand outcomes. Your brand is the conversation that occurs between customers in the real world and your enterprise. Ultimately, your brand is the residual effects and outcomes produced by your enterprise—including conversations, transactions, income, loyalty and profits.


Q    I have a brand name and a logo. We produce sales. What else is there?

Isn’t my brand done?

A     A brand is never ‘done’, any more than a person is finished breathing (until the very end, that is!). Market branding is a continual process of developing real-world conversations within your market and around your brand.

While your brand name and logo (including colors) may help you plant seeds of this conversation, they’re no more your brand than your face is you. A true market brand (that is to say, one which is active in the market) is much more complex than an image, a look, even a catch-phrase or a sales campaign. A true market brand continues to evolve and match step with customers in the real world.

In today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace, a static branding program may be of assistance—even providing some success for a limited time. Fundamentally, however, this ‘snapshot in time’ method proves futile in the pursuit of gaining a sustainable slice of the global business.


Q    Why should I care about a global market—and what huge brands like Google, IBM or Coca-Cola are doing? I’m an entrepreneur with a small business—and I don’t want to become global. I don’t see how this ‘brand marketing’ stuff applies to me.

A     You don’t have to have global aspirations to learn from global success stories. The fact is that in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace only market brands that position themselves as the premier or number one solution in their niche achieve long-term success.

Because the Internet is the number one referral source for new business today, you ARE competing with global brands—whether you aspire to, or not. Misunderstanding the relevance of market branding has driven the nails in the coffin of countless small businesses around the world. Just ask any small-town independent retailer who has tried to compete when a Wal-Mart came to town!

The fact is that today’s marketplace is global—whether your aspirations are or not. Therefore, if you desire long-term success, there is no alternative but to learn and understand what makes the global market brands tick—and then understand how you can do better. (The fact is that you CAN compete successfully against global brands—however the ostrich approach doesn’t work at all!)


Q    Why should I find out how market branding works? I’d sooner have someone else take care of it, thanks!

A     You can pay to get certain parts of it done. That is one of the reasons why MarkBrand offers consulting services, and has a training program for Certified Associates—so that there are qualified people to hire for just this purpose. That said, the more you know and understand the components of the brand marketing process, and how these processes impact your day to day business, the more you are able to seize opportunities when and how they occur.

Today’s markets moves fast, and move far. Yesterday’s boom industry will become obsolete tomorrow. This may occur to you as extremely challenging—or with this knowledge—as a field of extraordinary opportunities! These opportunities occur frequently and rapidly—yet unless you know enough about how market branding works you won’t be able to identify, let alone capitalize on, the tremendous opportunities available!

More than ever before, the field is ripe for success stories, and flooded with failures! Which one your enterprise becomes depends greatly on your ability to see and understand the underlying causes of both.


Q    What does color have to do with branding?

A     Color does have everything to do with branding—both literally, and symbolically.

Color is a primary sub-conscious identifier for the 93 – 95% of sighted men and 99.5% of sighted women with normal color perception. (The incidence of color blindness is much higher amongst men, than in the female population). Detailed study of successful market brands indicates that color is strongly identified as a primary (sub-conscious) marker of satisfying emotional “solutions” to market problems. The reason that this is so key, is that by subconsciously tying satisfying emotions into the delivery of a commercial transaction, vendors develop higher loyalty (repeat purchase) rates. This, of course, is fundamental to any successful enterprise.

Virtually all of the top 100 most successful global brands use the specific color or color sets in their primary communication that resonate with the predicted emotional state of their prospective customer. Typically, a limited range or palette of colors is used again and again with each brand—these connote the emotional solution to the market problem that the brand (re‑)solves.


Q    Why would I want to get involved in a MarkBrand program? What strengths does MarkBrand bring to the table?

A     MarkBrand has been studying the problems and opportunities within brand marketing since inception in 2000. The founders of MarkBrand have brought over four decades of experience with hundreds of leading brands, including many of the world’s top 100 brands into the dna of this unique company. MarkBrand is unique amongst all branding companies world-wide in that it is committed to the capture and release of all substantive enterprise building information, including much information which hithertofore has been unavailable outside of the luminary boardrooms of Procter & Gamble, Scott Paper and General Motors (to name but few).

In addition to experience with larger organizations such as CHANEL, Virgin Records, the Alberta Government and TD Canada Trust, visionary founder and Brand Architect Bryce Winter has worked with dozens of smaller businesses and non-profits including promotions with scores of retail businesses and over 50 large-scale promotional events.

The MarkBrand Group is the guardian of a unique set of assets, the MarkBrand Trust, which includes the 7 Secrets of Branding archetype system, the PEAK Solution human archetype mapping system, as well as the X8 Enterprise Autocar, a unique harmonic knowledge building enterprise platform. All told, the MarkBrand system base contains over 20,000 files and unique assets.

You can learn more about MarkBrand, Bryce, and the current generation of the MarkBrand Group through the following links:


Q    Why does MarkBrand discuss full-spectrum planning?

Does this have something to do with colors?

A     Full-spectrum planning has to do with continually matching the full range of human requirements (and perspectives) with a continuously variable (and appropriate) set of solutions, therefore optimizing each specific market solution set to the details described by the customer—capitalizing on the challenge AND opportunity at hand.

On a symbolic level MarkBrand’s approach is not ‘black and white’, nor does it produce shades of gray. Rather, full-spectrum planning reflects the true rainbow nature of humanity, while fulfilling its needs and requirements with creative solutions that are fundamentally reflective of reality—rather than the artifice of typical boardroom dogma. We call this an absolute relative valuation system.


Q    What does personal development have to do with Branding? Why does MarkBrand discuss human process-roles, personal dynamics systems, plus other topics that may seem a little esoteric with regard to business?

A     The artificial separation of humanity from mother nature has led to a stratified consciousness where the ‘haves’ (who understand the mechanics of how market brands work and function) and the ‘have nots’ (the remaining 98.5% of the population) do not. Closing this gap at this juncture in time is a critical function for responsible enterprises. This requires understanding that is best approached on a human level through specific personal development tools which aid in learning more of our true nature.


Q    This all sounds a bit new. Why would I want to involved with something new?

A     Actually, the only new thing here is systematizing all of this in one place—MarkBrand has been bringing it all together since year 2000. This approach works—and has been amply demonstrated by hundreds of top market brand enterprises globally. What’s truly revolutionary is that we are bringing this technology to the masses through our infrastructure, programs, processes and membership collective.

Relying only on your own experiences, points of view, and those of your friends and associates, is actually an experiment in continuance of the past. This old way is guaranteed to produce similar or same results as you have already produced, which are predictable, based on a linear progression of the past into the future.

Therefore, mostly, you ARE already part of an experiment. It’s called the status quo experiment!

As an intelligent and reasonably ambitious group of individuals with enough time, study and concentrated resources; we have no doubt you would come up with a very similar strategy to the MarkBrand brand marketing plan for market brands. However, very few people have the luxury of investing decades in studying the matter, as we have. This strategy is based on empirical research, observation and heuristic study with over 180 failed AND successful small businesses, as well as approximately 75 successful major brands, including several of those rated as the most successful in the world. This research conclusively demonstrates that there is an order and documentable strategy to creating predictable, long-term success. Even though this strategy, and its order, may at first occur as counter-logical; it is in fact, the only proven method to produce runaway or breakthrough brand success. Therefore, if you feel the past is a worthwhile model for moving ahead, then continue to go alone (or as you have, with the same similar faces before you). If, however, you are prepared to build a brighter, lighter, future for you and your community—then this futurstory (the MarkBrand) may be of tremendous interest and value to you!


Q    What is MarkBrand? I don’t get it. Is it a company, a system, a method or a certification process?

A     LOL! We get this question a lot. The MarkBrand Group is an international company based in Canada dedicated to the development and understanding of logical and economic enterprise structures which serve greater humanity.

Through our work we have discovered and developed a number of key technologies which inter-relate around the subject or topic of effective enterprise Brand Marketing.

We are committed to the dissemination of this information through teaching, consulting, training and coaching methods including the development of a certified body of specialists skilled in the development of effective Market Brands.

The X8 Enterprise Autocar, our flagship product, is an absolute relative valuation system emphasizing development of granularly detailed corporate values; and designed to be used as a general record-keeping, trading and communications platform. The stable nature of the platform along with its very diverse applications ability promise longevity and leverage in a rapidly changing world. Through built-in applications such as the PEAK Solution, as well as MarkBrand Architectonics (systemic access-point to the 7 Secrets of Branding), standardized methods are utilized to quantify a spectrum of human choices into binary answers so that computers may automatically process information and match with most appropriate solutions in a real-world situation.

An enormous variety of applications may benefit greatly through use of this system. These include design-related product development, market brand analysis and synthesis, next-generation gaming platform systems, as well as a variety of human resource applications ranging from social networking to transparent and effective training and retention schemes.

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