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Technical Overview:

GENR8 Technology Group Inc. owns all rights to an artificial intelligence building system called X8. X8 is a solution to the ‘wicked problem’ posed by information technology, namely, how do people, concepts (words, ideas, projects, objectives) and computers (including digitial data) co-exist in a way that makes ease and sense to both binary (computer) and non-binary, fuzzy-logic (human) systems.

X8 presents an architectural, rather than a technical solution. In so doing X8 is not limited by specific or current technology, but rather, presents a roadmap for development. Because X8 is described in geometrical relationships and articulated in English, it may easily be transcribed into various technical platforms that can work in concert to present consistent experiences across platforms. ELEV8R is a visual, app-based application of the X8 plan.

The criteria:

  1. A non-trivial solution to the problem of human-computer communications.
  2. Unique, novel, or breakthrough first impression / primary experience.
  3. Must pass extreme ease of use (3 tests: 4 year old child of normal intelligence, average distracted/overburdened 40 year old, educated 80 year old). Neither literacy nor numeracy should be requirements of our user.
  4. Utilizes archetypal (relative constant) reference points within an internally consistent, structured grammar that mimics native human grammatical structure, as posited by Noam Chomsky.
  5. Slippery-Sticky qualities. Easy to get into the experience; hard to leave: i.e. “slippery” ingress plus “sticky” egress = functionally addictive.
  6. 3rd party endorsement possible—especially via brands.
  7. Free entry point (+ easily monetized). Model makes financial sense (i.e. long-term positive profit) via players alone (no advertising should be required).
  8. Connects quickly with finances. Fast ramp-up / financial build opportunities for investors sufficient to feed incendiary growth potential.
  9. Connectivity. Viably ‘plays together’ with other popular / mainstream platforms. (good corporate IT citizen).
  10. Real (actual, real-world) breakthrough performance results, i.e. significantly more than a ‘band-aid’ or ‘cosmetic’ solution from a ratiocinative perspective.
  11. Works within existing hegemony of progressive, related companies, organizations and governments.
  12. Utilizes a ‘which way?’ archetype for its own internal communications; advocates / offers choice while promising and delivering change.

Fundamentally, X8 is a meta-taxonomy featuring a molecular, four-dimensional structure; “preference-table” matching system; and relative reference mechanism based on a predefined table of architectonic values making use of a logical, four-statement grammar defined by four key grammatical terms.

Because X8 is extraordinarily compact, consisting of only 64 base-pair terms with 512 second-level terms, it is relatively easy to learn and may also be to develop. X8 presents an algebraic concept and solution for data that works harmoniously within binary constructs and human language terms. As such it may be considered an Adaptive Plastic Architectural Language Acquisition System.

ELEV8R is an active medium designed for the composition of rich, object-oriented and animated (video-like) modular communications.

Other important or key aspects:


  • As the data structure accumulates it will appear (diagrammatically) as some sort of animated Mandelbrot set. Our taxonomy intrinsically deals with time, making it an ideal planning aid.


  • A maximum of four elements are presented at any one moment. This is a cladistic color chart describing how these may be developed in a logical sequence for quick, accurate entry.


  • The Rainbow Colored Catalog filing system is how X8 places objects in logical order for the preference table and it provides a meta map or library coding system for the entire matrix.


  • Empressement architecture is named for the preference-table based selection method, which utilizes a preference filter, through which selections are made. This is a sort of virtual membrane with an ‘impression’ memory. Individual records (itson taxons) are modular and free-floating logical elements that transact business behind the scenes.


  • X8 is an Active Participant Grid. One of the ways the system saves time is that presentation is tailored to the expectations and needs of individual players. There are four intrinsic perspectives, representing differing entry points into a conversation. The PEAK Process Rolesare based on historical archetypes documented for millenia. An aspect that is new with PEAK Process Roles versus other Human Resources-derived systems (such as Myers Briggs) is they also describe a natural flow to community and organizational connections.


  • Meta-language and precise transactional steps in the system are described from a retail branding perspective. The system breaks into granular steps every aspect of producing residual purchasing actions and developing residual financial results.

Please see further discussion with historical perspective at:

Detailed technical schematics are available under cover of NDA.

Please contact BRYCE@GENR8.ME


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