15 Days of Secrets Signs & Symbols of Success. 12 Archetype V: Castle, The ‘SAFE’ Brand

There is a utility-like quality to Castle Brands: even while frequently addressing luxury needs, Castle brands, like Ford and Facebook exhibit a functional, purposeful quality that traditionally errs on the conservative side. No wonder that utilities frequently gravitate to this archetype naturally.

Castle Brand At-A-Glance Notes
Theme songs: Don’t You Worry ’bout a thing, Stevie Wonder, etc… Don’t Worry Be Happy, Pharrell Williams

  • Primary analysis: The Castle Brand trades on a promise of safety. Fundamentally Castle Brands promise security or ‘everywhere’.
  • The Castle Brand is a masculine archetype.
  • Color palettes: Blue (and White) OR Black (and White).
  • Color analysis: The Blue refers to the masculine type—specifically to the sky, home of the creator, while the White refers to the possibility surrounding it.
  • Fundamental dweller within the archetype: Father (the king)
  • Popular Global examples: Adidas, Ford, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mercedes-Benz; retailer example: GAP stores

Countering and contrasting the female anchor of the Palace Brand, Castle brands are the male version archetype in the matriarchy of brands. Like a Palace brand, the Castle brand works well on a stable platform of design, but its distinctly masculine qualities, query and answers have not only a very different flavor, but a differing premise as well.

The Castle Brand stands close to the top in terms of aspiration. Most importantly, however, it trades on its reputation for reliability and even more, safety, to develop its strong loyalties and perennial profits. The conservative nature of Castle Brands perfectly echoes the sensibilities of their clientele who are motivated more by consistency and concern for their own welfare than by price.

Castle Brands include some of the most stalwart brands in the world, though typically not those at the highest reaches of price, nor those below the median. The concern for quality is so important to Castle Brands that it is unlikely for them to serve below a certain price-point where they feel quality or distribution might suffer. Likewise, their need to be of service to many prevents them from climbing to the most rarified levels of price.

The solid and proven way is the way of the Castle Brand. While generally among the least glamorous of Brand types (utilities are typically Castle Brands), making them among the least suitable for fashion, their reputation for reliability makes them ideal for products or services with a repeating or steady nature.

Promotional aspects to develop with Castle Brands include the idea of multiple location or ‘everywhere’ offers, refer others offers, as well as direct season-related offers as requested by the industry your brand participates in. Other things being equal, Blue ‘castle brands’, like Ford, thrive best when they can strike out on their own with a bold new product and promise, like Ford’s original Model T. The Ford Model T did not require special promotional offers: in fact, Ford successively reduced the price from $825 in 1908 to under $300 in 1925, as the enormous scale of production reduced costs through mass efficiencies, while also increasing his employees’ wages far above the norm of the day.


The dynamic architecture that is architectonics first helped detect all seven of the fundamental brand types, described in The Matriarchy of Brands.

The Matriarchy of Brands

Here, in a natural order for learning, are the seven members of the Matriarchy of Brands with their primary descriptive elements.

  1. The Reliable House Brand
  2. The Popular Tower Brand
  3. The Connection Bridge Brand
  4. The Choice Hotel Brand
  5. The Safe Castle Brand
  6. The Forever Palace Brand
  7. The Together Theater Brand

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