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The search for a kinetic architecture has been a long and sweet one.

At first my savory search did not take the form for architecture specifically, however soon enough it rooted in the building forms. The need for movement, however, suspended research into purely historical terms. Instead, vehicular and other machine forms took precedence. Our automobile, for instance, holds degree.

The interface of our computer, purely malleable, holds a particular fascination. At once it holds potential for our greatest passions, pleasure, fears and gain. Nowhere else, since the dawn of time, has any other set of tools, save our own fingers and toes, been more readily adaptable, and available, to any task we set forth. And, like our finger and toes, it may as easily be applied to mischief, as to marvels. It seemed at once as though there might a way of systematically producing value and at once producing systematic value for everyone be.

So commenced ServiceCuisine, our system of organizing these 17 or so years since. Thanks to ServiceCuisine architecture, specifically kinetic architecture, may take form. How is this? Within ServiceCuisine lie all basic rules from which all of ARCHITECTONICS might be deduced, including GENR8 technology and even the GENR8 pilot interface. Stated very simply; that, which has a left, has a right.

Due to this simple principle, thought forms tend to take a balanced approach. In fundamental roles, all objects are both themselves, and a label (of themselves). Our neat distinction, although not new, bears emphasis, a name (a label) is not the thing (it)himself.

Imagine every thought, every idea you have ever expressed being present in radically expressive machine form, so that if I asked you something or I asked the machine something I was almost guaranteed to get the same answer. That is the natural consequence of GENR8 cuisine service based software. Fortunately, based on ServiceCuisine, our form for kinetic architecture is guaranteed to produce secure, safe artificial intelligence (AI). Safe because you own it. Imagine the consequences of this. GENR8 CUISINE SERVICE BASED SOFTWARE: a fresh foundation.


ServiceCuisine is an approach to study, to be in business life or in any other enterprise: in everything almost, there is a ‘front of house’ aka service and a ‘back of house’ aka cuisine. In a restaurant, people either work at the front of house, with customers, menus and orders, or back of house, with food, equipment and interfaces, human and otherwise. Fundamentally this method valuates everything, giving its discourse potential: all GENR8 transacations are recorded, contributing to lifetime player scores, both in Learning Score and Product Score. In synchrony, these two score tracking systems built into our architecture produce a programmable, malleable, steady, organized, valuating thing: the GENR8 PILOT interface produces a dashboard for everything. Lightweight, powerful organization software: fingertip filer runs almost any digital device; is easy to learn & understand: employs TV metaphor to the point; 4 channels 4 points of view 4 directions 4 ways to go 4 movie choices 4 life selections 4 desirable options always; infinite possiblities.

Motivating this as a corporation requires a bit more than merely chutzpah and good intention: it has always required a deep and thorough plan. Therefore, it was one of my first tasks as the custodian of then ServiceCuisine roadmap to apply it to corporate principals including the development of machine learning.

Over a period of some six to seven years this is exactly what I did in various forms of consulting contracts with private, public and not-for-profit clients, principally in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Testing commenced in 2005 with Service Alberta, the province’s ministry of IT infrastructure with a group of some 914 mostly disgruntled mostly pink collar workers. Results, while stellar, fell under the watch of numerous structural changes in government. Strangely strategic, however, is that the Alberta public service values statements, generated through these experiments, remain extant to this day. Through a variety of hands-on experiements with numerous groups, individuals and in hundreds of tests, principals of today’s GENR8 technology were extensively tested through a variety of means.

Additional testing with ARCHITECTONICS commenced almost immediately (within one year) and remains in active test mode today, while fundamentals of its objectivity have been affirmed by numerous authorities. GENR8 technology is the system, while ARCHITECTONICS defines the terms of the system—they could be said to be together a dictionary and a taxonomy. Speaking of taxonomy, it is the taxonomy of the most foundation-setting aspect of service cuisine: its red blue catalog, which mainly concerns us today.

The red blue catalog is the most basic reference building block of our entire schema: within its letter-size proportions are dictated almost our entire universe: or at least its parameters. Among other things, the red blue catalog parses ideas and thoughts into manageable chunks or sections, dictating in its language and numbering system precise boundaries between ideas and concepts, for instance. It also introduces a rudimentary grammar, strong enough to express intention and it provides the opportunity for self-management of intelligence. It parses an ideal number of notions, levels, quadrants and thoughts for us to process smoothly, even effortlessly, without asking of us either too much, nor little. While it does all these things, it translates our intentions into binary gradients that makes sense to a machine.

It is the combination of the red blue catalog and Service-Cuisine which make possible the discovery of the great brand archetypes. The (seven) great archetypes are discovered to be the seven proven formulae for successful branding. Only one of seven (and always one of seven) is employed by every single one of the top global brands, listed by the Interbrand 100. The Seven Secrets of Branding Anything desirably are contained within our branding archetypes. One of these is in use by every one of the World’s Top Brands including Evian, Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, H-P and Facebook… Together (Red Blue Catalog, Service-Cuisine, 7 Secrets To Branding) these background discoveries form ARCHITECTONICS; which is the founding nucleus for GENR8 TECHNOLOGY and the GENR8 PILOT interface, which is what this book is about.

This book is about the GENR8 PILOT interface? Yes indeed! The fact the title is called ARCHITECTONICS is only to keep the ill-informed and prurient off our trail.

ARCHITECTONICS is the science and art of building happiness into life; the fact I call this kinetic architecture is simply the fastest way of saying “the science and art of building happiness into life”; for kinetic architecture is our only real force of architecture in humanity moving ahead: our cities as built are our residences, our connections online are in many senses our real universe.

In listening to our senses it should be clear enough what must be done. What has become in essence dupoly, or charitably oligopoly must be let go of. Instead an architecture of the people, for the people must be born. What better way to execute than with the jugular vein? GENR8 TECHNOLOGY GROUP through ARCHITECTONICS, publish plans for all our services, commencing with service. Crowd funding along with a certain amount of venture finance will together bring a 3rd alternative to market against the duopoly of IOS/Android with SWEET BLACKBERRIES, codename for GENR8’s ‘x player device’ (not named yet) phone to market (expected 2-3 years). SWEET BLACKBERRIES employs exclusively our GENR8 PILOT technology, which presents a fascinating and interactive game player interface for the internet and all of your life, rather than the usual peanuckle. Or you could just bet your farm on either Alphabet (formerly Google) or Apple Corporation. No thanks!

The Red Blue Catalog


What does this mean?

Effectively we have a thorough ‘third market alternative’ beyond Alphabet; Google, Apple, beyond Microsoft itself.

Genr8 Technology Group 

8th Generation Technology bridges a gap that east and west commonly share: need for speed: rapid access to desired outcomes.
  • brand elev8r‘ technology built-in at no extra charge with ‘sweet’ produces a business management model of interface through and true with all commercial affairs.. this creates a ‘cash register in one’s pocket’ mentality that truly once and forevermore could shake it up commercially successfully infusing a stronger interface into one’s day-to-day experience heightens visibility sends clear message to market. This interface produces an avatar for you effectively separating navigation and connectivity, permitting a wholly new interface more star trek than jetsons that automagically monetizes one’s actions.
  • Mobile fingertip filer
  • Desktop keyboard fingertip filer
  • Enterprise level cash register system
  • Console player
  • Phone

Solves the #1 problem all computer and mobile device users share; rapid access to desired information quickly and easily.

sweet. The name of the phone hardly hints at scope of the magical quality of this special interface. sweet, by Genr8 Technology Group will issue a new age in computer humanity interface exclusively brought to fruition in the sweet handset. The name of underlying hardware technology transcribes an effective description:

  1. QUADralinear (4 channel)
  2. UNIVersal (speaks YOUR language, any language)
  3. FUZzyLOGic (right brain & left brain dominant)
  4. Architectonic (structured knowledge parsing data element)
  5. RAPid (super speeding)
  6. INPut (human sensing)
  7. ERGonomic (designed around the way you are)
  8. DATabase (knowledge structure access system)




To learn more and to get involved with the development of the next great Canadian / American smartphone project: read on!

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